Tuesday, 4 April 2017

PHOTOS: Mosul, portrait of a slow return to life

Mosul, portrait of a slow return to life 

What does life looks like in Mosul after three somber years past under the yoke of ISIS ? How to start again a normal everyday life after having experienced the jihadist terror ? In order to answer those questions, Loulou d’Aki has been meeting the inhabitants of Mosul districts which has been recently liberated by the Iraqi forces.

The portraits of Mosul inhabitants and still lifes she took report the precarious situation that occures in thoses freed areas. It takes more time for the people to get back the confidence and take the floor. Some men don’t dare to shave their beard and most of women prefer to keep the niqab wearing until the city is entirely liberated. And if the children are happy to be back in school, they are painfully aware of the education they miss. Raxd, 14 years old, confide with bitterness : « We don’t have any future in Irak ». After all, young boys are diving and swimming in the green water of Tigris river, some other are playing vollayball on the stadium which has been partly destroyed by ISIS.


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