Sunday, 1 January 2017

ISIS Media Release for January 1, 2017

Ninawa Wilayah


Abu Fouzan al-Muhajir

Photo report of Mosul markets 

Jazirah Wilayah 

Targeting the Gathering of the Iraq Army Mobilization in Tal Aska' Village West of #TalAfar with Heavy Artillery Shells


 Aspect of the #Khilafah Soldiers’ Attack on the Barracks of the #Iraqi Mobilization near Tal `Abtah Town, South of #TalAfar



Amaq Statements and Videos :

3 Iraqi forces Humvees, an armored vehicle, and a car are destroyed and at least 16 personnel are killed by a martyrdom operation in Intisar neighborhood in eastern #Mosul.

A martyrdom operation destroys 3 Humvees and kills 11 Iraqi forces personnel near Sadah area north of #Mosul.

A BMP is destroyed by mortar shelling on the outskirts of Bawizah area north of #Mosul.

21 Iraqi forces personnel are killed on the outskirts of Salam and Sihhah neighborhoods and in Malayin area south of #Mosul.

An Iraqi forces Humvee is destroyed and a BMP and a bulldozer is disabled in the Bawizah area and Intisar neighborhood north and east of #Mosul.

12 Iraqi forces troops are killed and another is wounded by sniper fire in Intisar, Quds, and on the outskirts of Sihhah neighborhoods and the Bawizah area of #Mosul.

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