Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hashd commander seeks revenge west of Mosul

Hashd commander seeks revenge west of Mosul

TAL HED, Iraq – Some 65 kilometres west of Mosul, Shiite Hashd al Shaabi forces have cut off ISIS’ supply and escape routes to Syria and are fighting to push the militants out of Tal Afar.

The commander of one of the Hashd regiments, Abu Azrael, said they are there to “take revenge” for the innocent victims of ISIS. He pledged to take this revenge not only against the militants but also “those who have helped ISIS with a single glass of water.”

There have been concerns about sectarian violence as the Shiite forces lead an offensive on a largely Turkmen Sunni town.

In a bid to legitimize the force, the Hashd al-Shaabi has been brought under official control of the Iraqi army by an act of parliament late last year. And the official line from the group is that they are fighting for all Iraqis. But individual commanders like Abu Azrael appear to have their own agenda. 


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