Tuesday, 3 January 2017

ISIS Media Release for January 3, 2017

11th Week of the Battle of Mosul 



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Ninawa Wilayah 

1. Brother Abu Talhah al-Pakistani (Abu Talha al-Pakistani) Who Executed the Istishhadi Operation on the Gatherings of the Iraqi Army and Its Militias in #Intisar Neighborhood, East of #Mosul

2. Brother Abu Khattab ash-Shami who executed the Istishhadi Operation in the outskirts of Sina'at al-Karamah, East of #Mosul

Ninawa Wilayah Statements:

18 Iraqi Soldiers and Militias Fighters Are Killed in an Istishhadi Operation and Clashes East of #Mosul
Afer relying on Allah, our istishhadi brother Abu Khattab ash-Shami (may Allah accept him) set out and detonated his explosive vehicle amid a gathering of Iraqi Army and Militias on the outskirts of "Sina'at al-Karamah" towards the east of #Mosul. He succeeded in killing approximately 5 murtaddin and wounding others, in addition to destroying a T-72 tank and a Humvee. This was followed by fierce clashes in the same area and on the outskirts of the Mithaq neighborhood east of the city. The clashes resulted in at least 12 'apostates' being killed and others being wounded, in addition to an Abrams tank being burned, a Humvee being destroyed and another Humvee being disabled. Battles continue, we ask Allah for aid and victory.

Amaq Statements and Videos

Popular Mobilization militants were killed and wounded and a Humvee and car were destroyed by an explosive device near #TalAfar Airbase west of #Mosul yesterday.
An Iraqi army Abrams tank is destroyed on the outskirts of Karamah neighborhood in eastern #Mosul.
11 Iraqi forces personnel are killed and a Humvee is destroyed near the water source of Mithaq neighborhood in eastern #Mosul.
22 are killed and 29 are injured, mostly women and children, as American airstrikes hit Mushayrifah, New Mosul, Haramat, and Mamun neighborhoods on the west side of #Mosul.
A Popular Mobilization Cougar is destroyed by a guided missile near Tal Shaybah village southeast of #TalAfar.
Some of the Clashes between Islamic State Fighters and Iraqi Forces in Intisar Neighborhood in Eastern #Mosul (Warning: Link to ISIS site)
A martyrdom operation strikes the Iraqi army in Karamah neighborhood in eastern #Mosul, killing 5 troops and destroying a Humvee and disabling a tank.
2 Iraqi soldiers are killed and a Humvee is disabled in Mithaq neighborhood in eastern #Mosul.

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