Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mosul Eye Report: December 13

​Mosul Eye’s report on the second field tour to the liberated neighborhoods of Mosul

Neighborhoods included in this tour: Al-Muharibin Al-Qudamaa and Al-Zuhur
Date: December 13th, 2016
Mosul Eye person: Musab Walid
Purpose of the tour: Relief campaign
For immediate release
Report on the joint relief campaign to Al-Muharibin Al-Qudamaa and Al-Zuhur neighborhoods by Mosul Eye and Al-Lamsa Al-insaniya (Human Touch) and Ahallna teams
1- The relief caravan started moving at 12:00pm heading to Mosul from Erbil.
2- The number of cargo trucks participated in this caravan was 4 trucks, carrying about 3000 packs of bottled water, 600 food packages, and 1000 bread bags.
3- As our caravan was passing through the liberated areas from Erbil to Mosul, we noticed the amount of devastation and destruction along the road to Mosul because of the battles. Also, towns like Bartalla, are almost empty of its residents.
4- We arrived around 3:00pm to Mosul and went to Al-Zuhur neighborhood, where a new healthcare and relief centers were established. We were the first relief caravan arriving to the center.
5- Along the road from Al-Samah neighborhood to our destination at Al-Zuhur neighborhood, people tell us much in need they are and demand to distribute the relief at their neighborhood.
6- As soon as we arrived, a large crowd of people gathered around us, some even came from neighboring areas. Because we arrived a little late, we did not give away the relief packages, instead, we handed it over to the local relief committee to distribute it fairly by them.
7- The committee and the volunteers unloaded the aid to the center’s storage.
8- we finished our duty there at around 5:00 pm and went to another warehouse on our way back to Erbil close to Bartalla to store what was left of water packs as the storage at the relief center at Al-Zuhur neighborhood got full and couldn’t store the rest of water there. We arrived to Erbil around 8:00 pm.

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