Sunday, 18 December 2016

ISIS leader of security killed in western Mosul

ISIS leader of security killed in western Mosul

December 18, 2016 - 4:43 PM

An ISIS leader was struck on Saturday by a military drone in a raid in west of Mosul in northern Iraq, according to a military source.

Shahab al-Rawi, a commander from the rapid response forces of the Iraqi army, stated that the drone of the alliance bombed on Saturday a vehicle carrying the ISIS leader of security in the organization named Ahmed Khalfan al-Jarjari and his personal companion known as Abu Zain al-Muhajiri.

He explained that the vehicle was targeted while passing through al-Akidat area on the right coast of Mosul leading to the complete destruction of the vehicle and killing everyone in it.

The Iraqi army launched a large-scale operation on October 17th to retake Mosul from ISIS terrorists. The city, second largest in Iraq, has been under the control of the terrorist group since June 2014.

According to military officials, at least 40 neighborhoods in eastern Mosul have so far been liberated from ISIS terrorists. 

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